We are looking for road, mountain bike, and cyclocross racers.
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Paradise Garage Racing exists to promote and grow the quality and quantity of competitive cycling in central Ohio.

We achieve this by cultivating a positive and encouraging environment for amateur cyclists of all levels to develop. We aid this by hosting well run and safely organized events and races. We contribute to this by volunteering and helping events and causes that contribute to the cycling community of central Ohio. We extend this by involving local businesses and community members whenever possible. We are able to work towards this with the generous help of our team members, sponsors, partners, and friends.

A Paradise Garage Racing team member loves to get out on the course in whatever discipline they prefer, but racing is a given and not our primary goal. Our team members place a heavy emphasis on volunteering, event promotion and creating a positive environment where we are seen as approachable and an integral part of the cycling community.

We exist to grow cycling throughout central Ohio by creating a more positive, friendly and accessible culture for all.

(Please answer all questions. Any questions left blank may disqualify your application.)
What's your first name? *

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What disciplines of cycling do you participate in?

Have you ever participated in a Paradise Garage Racing organized or sponsored event?

If yes, please list the name of the event(s):

Can we get the link to your USAC license/results page?

Results aren't everything, but we want racers.

We use Facebook as our primary means of communication, event promotion, and sponsorship advertising.

Can we get the link to your Facebook page?

What other social media platforms do you use?

How would you rate your ability to walk into a room full of strangers and feel comfortable enough to strike up a conversation with the first person you saw? *

Are you a due paying member of Central Ohio Mountain Bike Organization (C.O.M.B.O.)?

Being a dues-paying member of C.O.M.B.O. is mandatory to join Paradise Garage Racing, even if you only race on the road. We strongly believe in supporting our local trail building organization.

Please visit http://www.combomtb.com/volunteering/ to signup.

What events have you volunteered for in the past two years?

What was the time commitment, outcome, and overall feeling you had while doing it or after you were done?

What goals do you have for yourself, either personally, professionally, or in cycling for the next year and the next five years?

This is your chance to wow us. Don't waste it!
Why do you want to be on a cycling team and what specifically about the Paradise Garage Racing draws you to the team, {{answer_38270878}}?

Who do you work for and what is your job title?

Please enter a brief personal bio (three to four sentences about your life outside cycling).

Thank you for your application. We will be in touch shortly.

- Paradise Garage Racing

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